Mobile defenses

Fenders, dock protections and high
compression rings

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Photo 4

Tests and certifications

All NIBS products are tested and proven
in the real situations

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Photo 9 Pilot Boat Le Havre Station

Boat equipments

Protection, fenders and boat equipments
of all kinds

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Buoys and floats

Mooring, instrumentation floats,
anchor buoys, weighing, ...

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NIBS France: manufacturing dock fenders and boat fenders, buoys and floats for over 30 years

Our company is specialized in the design of plastic components based products: Nibraprène® coating type polyurethane "Polyurea", polyethylene foam, polyester textile... Our customers, located throughout the world, are mainly from the Offshore industry, shipbuilding, maritime, military or energy.

NIBS France works for both privates (fenders, mooring or berthing fenders, boat protections and buoys) and professionals (fenders, signaling floats or instrumentation, dams and stars of equipment).

All our products are subjected to tests with strict criteria and are tested in real conditions.

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Customer satisfaction

For 30 years, NIBS France has been present with you to provide high products resulting from a range of unique manufacturing process, based on plastics, foams and specific coatings.

Raw materials

Quality & insurance

ISO 9001 certified, NIBS France has always based its general organization on an efficient quality policy. All defenses are controlled and tested by us.

Quality policy

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